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Programme for 2024

Thursday 14th December

a review of

County Drama Festival Play's

7pm for 7.30pm

@2K Theatre are putting a number of plays forward for submission to the County Drama festival

and would like to hear from you if you're interested in taking a part so we can confirm

in January on how many plays we are submitting.

We are holding an evening on Thursday 14th December where there will be an opportunity to meet

the Directors listen to a 10 minute section of each play

and hopefully submit an interest to the County Drama Festival team. 

Depending on which plays we can cast then we hold auditions on the 4th January 2024

and commence rehearsals asap.

Below you will find an outline of each play, the cast and director 

Proof of Provenance: Director - Lorna Evans

Ruth, an ex-Brotherby’s fine art evaluator, has now joined her friend Cassie’s house clearing

business.  When venturing into the loft of a house they’ve been asked to clear,

they are joined by a rather mysterious woman who presents them with

something of a puzzle to solve. 

The Cast:

Ruth - 50/60. Reserved. Unsure. 

Cassie - 50/60. Confident, experienced. A bit of a joker. 

The Woman - 30/40. Calm. Mysterious.  

The Play: Director - Stephen Mercer

"During its performance a festival play collapses in mayhem when the prompt nips off f

or a few moments of illicit nookie with the director. Anxious to retrieve something that

might impress the adjudicator, the cast seek the help of the author.

However the revelation that an exotic creature and

a possible Murder Mystery are involved only adds to the confusion." 

The Cast:

William, the leading man: 30s - 40s

Felicity, the leading lady: mid 20s - mid 30s

Arnold, the stage hand (M): mature 50s-70s

Philip, the director (M): 40s or thereabouts

Alice, the prompt (F): 20/30s

Annie, an older character actress (F): 50s-70s

Stevie, the author (F), a rich, attractive and confident socialite: late 30s/40s 

Length of parts:

With a cast of seven there are no notably lengthy parts as would be likely in a play

with a small cast. The smallest parts are Arnold and Annie. 


After Esme: Director David Northey

Friends coming to terms of loss of their friend Esme and takes part in various cafes

and on a park bench. The presence of Esme is not to be given

away by the cast and allow the audience

to slowly reach their own conclusions.

The Cast:

The following charters between 45 - 70 - have to be convincing as friends

Jenny- Smart, well turned out

Pauline - A put upon grandmother

Alice - Overweight, dissatisfied with life

Esme - Friend to Alice, Pauline and Jenny

Waitress, Manageress and Woman - a different character in each scene 


Playing Gooseberry - Director Jane Burt

This play has been previously performed and cast but missed

the opportunity to be submitted to the County Drama Festival. 

All parts in Proof of Provence, The Play and Life after Esme are on offer and if you are

interested please contact us or come along on the 14th December.

Spring Tour - 2024

This will be a selection of one act plays following on from

the County Drama Festival

(see above and dates and venues to be aggreed)

Autumn - November 6th/7th - 9th/10th November 2024

Allo' Allo' - The Camembert Capers

Watch this space for play redings and auditions

Director - Jane Burt 

Jane Burt our Artistic Director is looking for

new directors and shows either for our in-house venue at Unit 5,

touring around our communtity or at the local theatre.

If you are interested then please get in touch 

Open to all members and friends of @2K

Autumn 2023 show is to be annouced very shortly.  If you are interested in being in our next production, email us to find out more! 

@2K Theatre is supported by

Somerset Communitty Foundation -


Introduction to @2K Theatre

We are an Amateur theatre group based in Taunton, Somerset. Looking to bring quality theatre to the community. We want to be innovative, imaginative and inspire people through our plays and this is our vision that we strive.

We started in 2012 and have produced a wide range of plays and have taken them on tour to villages across Somerset West and Taunton , as well as the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre in Taunton . Shows have varied from Abigails Party to Vicar of Dibley and The Thrill of Life to the Titfield Thunderbolt. 

We also aim to improve our shows by offering training to our members at workshops or offering bursaries to attend vocational Summer Schools through NODA.

The group is formed of a Committee of 9 people and a group of Trustees who manage our Charity status (No 1194499) and these are open to new members and we welcome people joining the engine of the group.

Committee - Chair David Northey, Secretary Val Wright, Treasuer Marcus Palmer, Vice Chair & Membership Charlotee Briggs, members, Jane Burt, Nikki Court, Wendy Lancaster, Ja Bowie and Mark Scribbins

Charity Trustees: Chair Nick Gibbons, Secretary Marcus Palmer, David Northey, Jane Burt, Darul Scribbins, Mark Scribbins, Jason Bowie, Nikki Court, Alan Coles

Our home is Units 3 & 5 close to Taunton Railway station and we can watch the trains pass by. We use the space to hold our costumes and props as well as a space for rehearsals and club nights.

If you would like to join us then come along to one of club nights or rehearsals and to find out when drop us a line at at2ktheatre@gmail.com

Gallery of photos from previous shows!